We rely on membership fees and donations, if you can support us in anyway please contact our helpline.


Helpline numbers


  • Jane: 01274 771153
  • Pat: 01977 684357
  • Karen: 01757 28888


Email: labda@blueyonder.co.uk

Computer Co-ordinator

Our computer co-ordinator, David, is happy to offer advice about the latest information on software to help people with dyslexia.


David can be contacted by phone or e-mail.


  • Phone: 01274 771153
  • E-mail: labda@blueyonder.co.uk

For More Information from BDA

Contact the British Dyslexia Association:


Web: www.bdadyslexiaorg.uk


There is a lot of useful information on the website and also a shop where you can purchase many useful resourses.




At present LABDA have four trained befrienders who can offer further in-depth


If your child is experiencing particular difficulties at school.



Telephone numbers


  • Pat: 01977 684357
  • Jane: 01274 771153
  • Karen: 01757 288889
  • Sue: 01132 401402



All helpliners are volunteers, so you may get an ansa phone at busy times. There is no charge for any support

or information, but we may ask for travelling expenses if attending meetings with parents who are not members.